Where Do I Start?

Why choose a professional real estate photographer? Where do I even start? If you have asked either of these questions, you have come to the right place. My name is Stephen Reynolds, and you can view my profile right here on our website under “Our Team.” I own and operate Inspired Angle, LLC and absolutely love what I do! I believe each project has the ability to inspire, inspire dreams, inspire new beginnings, and inspire the future. Please read the summary below on what you need to look and ask for, when choosing a professional photographer for real estate. The key topics below are valuable things you should know before choosing the best photographer for your property or project.

  • Professionalism – How does your potential real estate photographer respond to you? Is he or she quick to respond, courteous, respectful, and have a portfolio to see previous projects?
  • Experience – Does he or she have a portfolio for you to view? Does his or her experience match the job you are hiring for or seem to have the ability to adapt to various projects?
  • Prices – Pricing is important because the most expensive does not necessarily mean the best, and the cheapest does not necessarily mean the most inexperienced. Figure out what you want to pay and see if the photographer has a package to match.
  • Turnaround time – Turnaround time, especially for time-sensitive projects such as real estate, is crucial. 24 hour turnaround time is not unreasonable and should be expected.
  • Tech Gear – Professional gear is crucial and helps to capture the professional photographs you desire. You can get an idea of the kind of gear a photographer has by looking at his or her portfolio. If the photographs are high quality, you should be able to trust the equipment they have chosen. (Hint: No cell phones!)
  • Software – Photo editing is surprisingly important, and you would be surprised at what can be offered. Did your builder forget to add the grass to your new construction before you had the pictures taken? Not a problem if you have a photographer who knows how to edit! Is the sky overcast and foreboding? That can be fixed! A good photographer does not compromise the truth or integrity of the property, and editing should enhance the photo, not change the features of the home.